Welcome to YY world’s of diamonds, guaranteeing quality and clarity with every stone cut and used. When buying diamonds, one must consider the 4Cs (Cut, Clarity, Color, Carat Weight). Every shape comes with its own layer of brilliance and at YY, we aim to provide you with top-notch diamonds to wear.


Diamond Halo Maze Ring

Lady D Ruby pendant

Ruby love

Arabesque Band

Rounded Chevalier Ring

Spaced out Pear Ring

YY Belt Ring

Double Princess cut

Pinkie Chevalier ring

Double butterfly

Pear Snake Ring

Turning petals Ring

Spaced out Ruby Ring

Diamond Dome

Vintage sapphire ring

Two pave marquises

Four squares Ring

Bombe rounded ring

Crowned Pear

Painted Eye Ring

Double Marquise Eyes

Rhombus Diamond Ring

Pave heart ring

Five lined Marquises

Flower Duo

Butterfly Ruby

Croissant Ruby Ring

Painted Mill by YY

Elevated Maze Ring

Painted Oval Ring

Painted Bombe ring

Painted Maze

unity squared ring

spheres enamel ring

The painted wave


Ruby Shiels

Princess Saphires

Hearted Sapphire

Black Star

Raidance Arabesques

Double radiance ring

Moval Ruby Ring

Diamond Halo Maze Ring

Fancy Halo Band

Emerald cut Band

Bombé Marquise

A lined Marquises

Centered YY Pear

The marquise degradé

Pearly Flower

Mr. Radiance

Radiance collection

Radiant Radiance

Elevated ruby flowers

Red Petals Ring

Double Ring Ruby Crown

The painted line Ring

Blue Petals Ring

Bulky Enamel Rings

Sunshine Ring

Majestic Corset Ring

Magical Rhombus Ring

Magical Rhombus Ring

Parallel Road Ring

YY Diamond Ruby Ring

Two Face snake

Princess Marquise Band

Ruby Shield

Princess Cut Band

Diamond Dot Ring Line

YY Chevalier ring

Vintage Pavé Ring

Black waves

Empty Oval Ring

Vintage Flower Ring

Black Diamond Pinkie

Bee It Ring

Diamond Leaf Ring

Leaf it on me


Wear a piece that reflects your inner strength, courage, and uniqueness —

from pendant to chain.

Lady D Ruby pendant

YY Belt Sautoir

Fancy Statement

Diamond Snake

Malachite “ربي”

Tear Drop Pendant

Painted sautoir

Moving Stash by YY

Puzzled Circle

Tear Drop pendant mini

Circular Pears Mini

Linear Diamond Pendant

YY Garden

Oval Painted Pendant

Painted Drop

Connection by YY

“ربي” Pendant

Enamel Eye Small

Double Enamel Heart

Enamel Moon

Enamel Heart

YY Enamel stars

Painted diamond Line

The Fish by YY

YY Mains de Fatima

Lebanese and Proud

Crazy diamonds Chocker

YY three stone pendant

Eyes on you pendant

Special Heart Sapphire

Diamond Fantasy Circle

Pomegranate Diamond

Diamond V-neck sautoir

Heart Pendant

“Seit al Habayeb”

Magic Wings Pendant

Empty Oval

Fifteen Dots Pendant

Five Dots Pendant

Infinity and Beyond

Zig Zag way to life

Floating Triangle

Evil Eye

Touch of Green Pendant

Seven Dots Pendant



Earrings are known for their dangling beauty whether we’re talking about statement pieces or everyday jewellery items.

Crazy Diamond studs

Red Flowers

Connection Earrings

Flower Drop

Sapphire Fancy drops

Inside out Hoop

3D diamond hoop

Diamond Hoops

Pearl Drop Circle

Flowery Diamond Drops

Tear Drop Earrings

Majestic Pear drops

Diamond lace earrings

Ruby Rain Earrings

Colorful drop

Ruby Wings

Dancing Pears

Royal combination

YY Flower studs

Thunder Earrings

Pear Shape sand timer

Fancy Squarrd Earring

YY Triangular Rubies

Fall Flower

Three Petals

Crazy Diamond studs

Flowery long Pearls

Double Pear drops

Vintage Agates

Golden leaf ear piece

Sapphire Flower Couple

Red Flower Power

Ray of Light

The YY pearl Earrings

Ruby Stalactites

Diamond Ribbon Earring

YY rainbow earrings


Bracelets have the power to add elegance to your wrists in various shapes, sizes, and styles.

Banded Diamond lines

1971 Collection

Puzzled Bracelet

Flowery Bracelet

Spaced Ruby bracelet

Golden Cage

Painted Chain

Painted diamond Line

Diamond Dots bangle

Three lined Ruby

Criss Cross Bangle

Enamel mosaic Bracelet

Diamond Clouds

The ruby masterpiece

NYY turquoise bracelet

Heart bracelet

Geometric Full Band

Majestic Marquise

Knot Diamond Bracelet

Square Lock Bracelet

Wave Bracelet

Flowery turquoise

Flower Power Bracelet

Petals Bracelet

Solid Diamond Bangle

YY Mini Belts

Pave Circles Bangle

Crazy Zigzag Band

Knot Diamond Bracelet

Square Lock Bracelet

Wave Bracelet


Wrap a timeless piece of jewellery around your neck that speaks of elegance, beauty, and boldness. 


Dangling Pears Chocker

Faux Marquise Chocker

Redefined Tennis

Redefined Tennis

Arabesque Necklace

The Royal Ruby

Shooting Star

Diamond curls necklace

Royal pear Drop

Pear Drop Tennis

Floating rubies

Tri colored Pears

Diamond Red Stars

Tri colored Marquises

YY Redefined Tennis

Thunder Chocker

The YY pearl chocker