Taking care of gems since 1983

Yasser Younes Jewellery is a Lebanese brand that has been creating fine pieces of jewellery since 1983, passing along the passion of gems, stones and gold from one generation to the next.

Yasser Younes, whom the eponymous label gets its name from, is the creative force behind the house’s designs and success, his years of experience have pushed the brand to rewrite the rules of high jewellery and establish himself between the industry’s biggest names.

Many years ago, YY set the standard for jewellery in terms of quality, craftsmanship and creative designs. It has only progressed in this world of jewellery, maintaining its position among jewellery wearers as a world-class brand known for its high-quality stones and exquisite designs.



We strive to create extraordinary pieces that are boundless, timeless and limitless. Clarity, cut, and finish are priority at YY, allowing us to transform our creations into statement pieces that speak of rarity in a world of gems and stones.  


There is a story to tell behind every piece. No earring is just an earring. No necklace is just a necklace. Every piece has the power to speak to its wearer and mirror their personality in a distinctive manner.


Passion drives us and it is the reason we are where we are today. Yasser Younes Jewellery is distinct, bold and strong, reflecting the women who wear the pieces.

Gems & Personalization 

Our gems are hand picked according to their properties and carat weight.

Customizing jewellery is our utmost pleasure. Clients can choose the stones they would like to integrate into their pieces along with precious metals they would like to carry their chosen gems. Our team at Yasser Younes Jewellery along with our team of experts will guide you throughout the process.

Once the design has been set in stone (sometimes quite literally), we begin the meticulous process of filling, sanding and polishing to ensure every YY piece radiates the captivating beauty for which Yasser Younes Jewellery is renowned for.